Zenith 2F 1 Gallon

Brand name product is Merit 2F. Also known as criterion and bandit. Used mostly on ficus hedges but has other uses. On ficus hedges use 2.5oz per foot of height per 100 linear feet and apply as a drench to the roots. Also used on royal palm bug.

Avalon 1 Gallon

Brand name product is Talstar. Also known as crosscheck and upstar gold. Contact insecticide with many uses including indoor and outdoor pest control. Most commonly used for chinch bugs, ants, fleas and ornamental pests.

Manor 2oz

This is a brand name product. Also known as mansion and msm. Used to kill broadleaf weeds in St. Augustine and Bermuda grass. Use the very bottom-line of the measuring stick per gallon in a backpack when spot spraying only. Can be used year round if grass is healthy. More is not better.

Roundup QuickPRO

Roundup QuickPRO provides very quick results. Easily control weeds with a fast burn down.

Ranger Pro

Get rid of the weeds with this easy to use generic herbicide.

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